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Elke Bucher is a German-Swedish art model, dancer, photographer and translator. She completed a Master’s of Science in Heritage Conservation at the University College Dublin and a Master’s of Science in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, she likes to pose outside and to explore dynamics of movement, with a preference for the rugged Scottish Highlands. She notably has experience posing nude outside in extreme climatic conditions and doing short, very athletic dancing poses for drawing sessions.

In over six years of modelling, Elke has been published by various paper and online magazines and platforms such as Vogue Italia, gallery Ground Solyanka (Moscow) and gallery Art Uptown (Graz, Austria) and has starred in various music videos and short films. Her photography has been exhibited in the United Kingdom and abroad (’Ataraxia’, Scotia Visuals, ‘Green’, the Pipe Factory, Glasgow, Collect Art’s ‘Landscapes’,  Tbilisi, online).