courtesy of tutors and students from
Tramway Glasgow
Glasgow Academy of Fine Art
Geneva University of Art and Design
Miss Muse Draw Australia
Life Drawing Manchester
Reconfigure Edinburgh
Life Drawing Barcelona
Drawing Life Glasgow
2Bornot2B collective
All The Young Nudes
Life Drawing Brixton
Life Drawing Room
Hillhead Book Club
The Jolly Sketcher
The Art of Poise
Book of Nudes
Life Drawing +
Glasgow School of Art

all all over the world!

Julia Azarova’s work (Russia, pink watercolour/pole dancing) was exhibited in Ground Solyanka, Moscow, Sarah Williams’ work (Austria, charcoal/pole dancing, just below) in UpTown Art Graz, Austria and Claire Wilson’s work (New York, blue-green botanical collage) was commissioned by gethappymedium